About Newsome Choral Program

Purpose: The purpose of our program is to foster the development of healthy vocal production, expressive performance, and rehearsal etiquette, as well as understand the value of working with other members of society to achieve a common goal.

Course Objectives:

  1. To develop a singing technique with students that is healthy, supported and beautiful.
  2. To develop the skills needed to be expressive and dynamic performers.
  3. To develop the self-discipline needed to be a contributing member of choral rehearsals and performances.
  4. To have a knowledge and understanding of musical theory and sight singing, beyond just the basic “facts”.
  5. To begin to exist and contribute respectfully to a group.
  6. To develop into strong leaders.


Working Together

Music classes are unique in that every student must work together to achieve a quality end product. Unlike a math class where if each student does their best, they will be rewarded, the reward in music comes when students not only do their best, but work to  help others to achieve their best. This is also what a good leader does. We encourage every student to become a leader and regularly examine how their actions are benefiting themselves as well as the group.

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